Sales Insights Data Analysis Project In Power BI - Part 7 - Publish A Report

In this video we will cover how you can publish a report or a dashboard to cloud. Using microsoft website for power BI application one can access this report. You will need a work email to create power BI account. If you do not have work email, one option is to buy a domain name for 10$ or so from domain name provider. Usually domain names come with some email, you can use that to sign up. We will look at various features of web power BI such as,

1) Publish a report
2) Export to pdf, power point etc
3) Personal Bookmarks
4) Report Bookmark. How you can create a powerpoint type presentation but interactive one using report bookmarks.
5) Database Syncing

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Special thanks to my friend, Hemanand Vadivel ( who is an experienced data analyst manager working for a company in UK. He has a major contribution in this project.

Basics of DAX  & Data Modelling are the two fundamental technical skills required to author Power BI reports – There are the free courses I recommend from
Data Modelling: