Sales Insights Data Analysis Project In Power BI - Part 6 - Feedback From Stakeholders

Now that our power BI report (or dashboard) is built, I want you to behave as a consumer of this report and give me feedback on what incremental improvements we can make in this. In video comment below, please post two type of feedback,
1) What questions or insights this report is generating for you? For example revenues from Electricsara stores client are declining. So may be we need to engage more with this client and try to figure out a way to increase our sales (may be give them special discount)
2) Say you are a sales director of Atliq hardware and now you started using this dashboard. What improvements you want to make in this? For example I want to see pie chart of revenues from top 5 clients. 
We will have next 5 days to collect this feedback (till 2nd July). I will invite Hemanand (a data analyst manager working for a company in UK) and we both will address the feedback and improvise the dashboard.

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Special thanks to my friend, Hemanand Vadivel ( who is an experienced data analyst manager working for a company in UK. He has a major contribution in this project.

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