Sales Insights Data Analysis Project In Power BI - Part 1 - Problem Statement

This is the first video for sales insights data analysis project using power BI. This project will give you a feel of how data analysis projects are executed in big companies. This would be perfect for anyone seeking career as a data analyst. Our case study is based on a computer hardware business which is facing challenges in dynamically changing market. Sales director decides to invest in data analysis project and he would like to build power BI dashboard that can give him real time sales insights. In this introduction video we will discuss problem statement.

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Special thanks to my friend, Hemanand Vadivel ( who is an experienced data analyst manager working for a company in UK. He has a major contribution in this project.

Basics of DAX & Data Modelling are the two fundamental technical skills required to author Power BI reports – There are the free courses I recommend from DAX: Data Modelling: