Movie Review Classification

Using Tensorflow 2.0, keras and python, this tutorial demonstrates how to build neural network to solve movie review classification problem. We will load imdb movie reviews from tensorflow datasets and then use transfer learning technique to first create an embeding layer using tensorflow hub. This uses popular word2vec for creating embeding vector for an english sentence. After that we build a neural network to classify movie reviews as positive and negative. This deep learning tutorial as for any new begininer who has little under standing of deep learning. Here are the list of topics covered in this machine learning video,

Topics that are covered in this Video:

1:30 Word2Vec for embeding words into a vector

5:03 Overview of neural network architecture for movie review classification

6:27 Google colab overview (It is cloud based jupyter notebook)

8:41 Install tensorflow 2.0 in google colab

13:06 Use tensorflow_datasets to load imdb moview reviews

19:17 tensorflow_hub overview. It uses transfer learning to utilize pre trained neural networks.

23:26 Create neural network using tensorflow.Keras.Sequential

24:55 Train the neural network

27:00 perform classification using trained neural network

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