Conversation with Amazon Data Scientist: Debjyoti Paul

Amazon data scientist Debjyoti throws light on some data science topics including career guidance. Debjyoti has worked with microsoft as a machine learning engineer before joining Amazon as a data scientist. 
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Here is the list of topics we discussed in this video along with the timeline,
00:00 Introduction
00:35 What do you do at amazon? How does your 9 to 6 day look like?
02:50 Importance of story telling
05:15 What enterprise tools data scientist use?
08:02 Your own journey from electrical engineer to data scientist
11:57 Non computer science to data scientist transition
24:25 Data scientist interview tips 
29:15 Any advice for data science aspirants?

Disclaimer: Views expressed by Debjyoti and Dhaval on this video are their own and not that of their employer's.