Data Science & Machine Learning Project - Part 1 Introduction | Image Classification

With this video, we are beginning end to end machine learning or data science project for sports celebrity image classification. During this project, I will give you a feel of how projects are executed in big companies in a typical corporate environment. We will try to classify an image of my favourite 5 sports people. In this video I am just giving an introduction and going over business requirements etc. In next one we will talk about data collection. While working on this project you will learn,
1) How to build end to end machine learning or data science project
2) Use Opencv library for face and eyes detection
3) data cleaning using opencv face detection and feature engineering using wavelet transforms
4) Model building using SVM, logistic regression, random  forest
5) Model fine tunning using gridsearchcv
6) Export model to a file and write python flask server around it that can server http requests generated by UI
7) Build ui using HTML,CSS,javascript and JQuery