Artificial Intelligence (AI) vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning vs Data Science

Artificial intelligence is a field where set of techniques are used to make computers as smart as humans. There are certain tasks where human outperform computers such as image recognition, cognitive thinking, creativity, driving cars etc. Machine learning is a sub domain of artificial intelligence where set of statistical and neural network based algorithms are used for training a computer in doing a smart task. Deep learning is all about neural networks. Deep learning is considered to be a sub field of machine learning. Pytorch and Tensorflow are two popular frameworks that can be used in doing deep learning. Data science on the other hand a field where data is used to generate business insights. It can use machine learning techniques but data science can be done without using machine learning as well. One can use Microsoft excel to draw insights from data. Visualization and BI tools such as tableau and power BI can be used to plot powerful business reports that can give lots of insights about a business.

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