How to switch career to data science from non computer science background

Can a mechnical engineer, microbiologist, bcom graduate (basically non computer science background person) transition his/her career to data science? If yes, how? In this video I am going to answer these exact questions and will show you how a person with different background can transition to different roles in data science field such as data analyst, data scientist, data engineer or BI analyst. Data science and analytics field has opened up many job opportunities and they are going to grow even more in coming years. Due to this many people with non technical background want to switch to data science. This transition requires lot of hard work but it is certainly doable. I've two videos that you can follow for acquiring skills for data analyst and a data scientist.

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Timeline of video:

0:00 Can I switch from non technical background to data science?

2:33 Which role to target? Data analyst or data scientist?

2:59 College vs Self Study 7:33 Is it worth a hype?

11:23 Specific advice for people with following background, B com, B.A (no background in tech)

13:41 Mechanical Eng., microbiology, biotech, BSC

15:36 Software QA analyst

17:12 Bachelor in statistics, math, physics

18:01 Software engineer

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